hairstyle trends in south africa

Hairstyle Trends in South Africa

South Africa, a nation known for its rich cultural diversity and vibrant fashion scene, is also home to a diverse range of hairstyle trends that reflect the country’s multifaceted identity. From traditional styles deeply rooted in African heritage to contemporary looks influenced by global fashion, South African hairstyles are as diverse as the people who

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frontal weave

Frontal Weave (Pictures)

In the world of hairstyling, creativity knows no bounds. Women have been experimenting with various hair textures, lengths, and styles for centuries, and one of the most versatile and popular choices today is the frontal weave hairstyle. This innovative technique has revolutionised the way we approach hair extensions, offering a seamless and natural look that

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black and gold waist beads

Waist Beads (Pictures)

Waist beads are a type of traditional African accessory that are worn around the waist. They consist of small beads or stones that are strung together on a cord or thread and are typically worn under clothing. Waist beads are often worn as a form of body adornment, but they can also have cultural or

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high ponytail popcorn hair

Popcorn Hairstyle (Pictures)

A popcorn hairstyle is a type of hairstyle that features tightly coiled curls that resemble popcorn kernels. The style is achieved by using small perm rods or rollers to curl the hair, creating a tight, bouncy effect. The curls are often styled in a full, voluminous manner and can be worn in a variety of

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ndebele beadwork

Traditional Beads

Traditional beads refer to small decorative objects made of various materials, such as glass, bone, wood, shell, stone, metal, or plastic. They are strung together to form jewellery, clothing embellishments, or other decorative items. Various cultures around the world have used beads a as a form of adornment. Each culture has its own unique styles,

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khosi nkosi stylish dress

Khosi Nkosi

Khosi Nkosi is a South African fashion brand that specializes in traditional African clothing with a modern twist. The brand was founded in 2011 by a young South African designer named Nobukhosi Nkosi. Khosi Nkosi designs incorporate African prints, textures, and colors, with a focus on creating contemporary designs that celebrate and elevate African fashion.

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carrot hairstyles

Carrot Hairstyles

Carrot hairstyles, also known as “carrot cuts,” are a type of short haircut that was popularised in the 1990s in African American communities. The style is characterised by short, tapered sides and a longer top that is cut into layers, creating a tapered effect that resembles a carrot. Carrot hairstyles were popularised by R&B and

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traditional tops

Traditional Tops

Southern African traditional tops are a reflection of the diverse cultures and rich histories of the region. Traditional attire plays an important role in Southern African societies, with many people still proudly wearing their cultural clothing on a daily basis. The tops worn in Southern Africa vary in style, fabric, and design, each with its

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zulu beads

Zulu Beads

Zulu beads are an important aspect of Zulu culture, a South African ethnic group that has a rich and diverse history. The Zulu people are known for their intricate beadwork, which is not only visually stunning but also holds great cultural significance. Beads have been used by the Zulu people for centuries as a form

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swazi skirt

Traditional Skirts

Traditional skirts are an essential part of the cultural heritage of Southern Africa. These skirts are not just a piece of clothing but a symbol of identity, history, and culture. The style and design of traditional skirts vary from one tribe to another. This reflects the uniqueness and diversity of the region’s communities. Keep reading

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traditional shirts for men

Traditional Shirts for Men

Traditional shirts for men have a long and rich history that is deeply tied to the diverse cultures and traditions of the continent. These shirts are not just articles of clothing, but also a means of expressing identity, heritage, and status. African traditional shirts come in a variety of styles, each with its own unique

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tapered cut

Short Loc Styles for Females

Short loc styles have been gaining popularity in recent years. More and more people are embracing the beauty and versatility of this natural hairstyle. Locs, which are also known as dreadlocks, are created by matting and twisting hair to form ropes or cords. While many people associate locs with long hair, there are many stunning

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subtle yellow floral dresses

Floral Dresses

Floral dresses are dresses that feature a floral print or pattern, typically with flowers or other botanical elements. They come in a variety of styles, lengths, and colors, and may feature a variety of floral prints, ranging from small and delicate to bold and graphic. Floral dresses are often worn in spring and summer, and

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two tone short dress

Short African Dresses

Short African dresses are dresses that are commonly worn by women in Africa and are usually knee-length or shorter. They come in different styles, colors, and designs, and are often made from colorful African fabrics such as Ankara, Kente, Dashiki, and others. Some common styles of short African dresses include shift dresses, bodycon dresses, fit-and-flare

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short ankara dresses

Short Ankara Dresses

Ankara dresses are garments made from a type of African wax print fabric called Ankara. Ankara fabric is a colourful and patterned cotton fabric that is traditionally associated with West African culture. The fabric is often used to create garments such as dresses, skirts, tops, and headwraps, among others. Short Ankara dresses can come in

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drip in orange

Drip Shoes

Drip shoes are not your average sneakers. They are a brand that strives to collaborate with their customers in order to shape the future together. Quality and design are fundamental components to Drip Footwear, which allows them to manufacture shoes of marvelous quality that you can acquire at a reasonable price. They are committed to

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styling gel pondo hairstyle

The Most Lit Pondo Hairstyles

Pondo hairstyles are a traditional form of hair styling that originated from the Pondo tribe in South Africa. Equally, they are also known as the Mpondo. They are a Bantu ethnic group who live in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. Pondo hairstyles have a long and rich history, with many different styles and

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benny and betty hairstyles

Benny and Betty Hairstyles

Benny and Betty Hairstyles is a trendy and innovative hair salon that offers a variety of unique and stylish haircuts and hairstyles. With a team of experienced and skilled hairstylists, Benny and Betty’s provides high-quality services to customers of all ages and hair types. Creative and artistic approach to hair styling epitomises the ethos of

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light brown braids straight back

Straight Back Hairstyles

Straight back hairstyles have been a popular choice for both men and women for decades. These hairstyles are characterised by a sleek, straight look, with the hair pulled straight back from the face and secured into a ponytail or bun. Similar to straight up hairstyles, straight back hairstyles are versatile and can be worn for

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cornrow straight up hairstyles

Hairstyles for Ladies

Ladies hairstyles are an essential part of African culture, reflecting the diversity of the continent’s many nations and peoples. Hair is a way for African women to express themselves and their cultural identity. There are many styles to choose from, each with its own unique history and significance. Common Hairstyles for Ladies of Southern Africa

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Asymmetrical Design

Matric Dance Dresses

A matric dance, also known as a prom in some countries, is a formal dance or party held in celebration of the end of secondary school. It’s an important event for many students. The girls often put a lot of effort into choosing the perfect matric dance dresses. When it comes to choosing a matric

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makoti shweshwe dresses

Makoti Shweshwe Dresses

As a symbol of their style and flair, South African brides often don makoti Shweshwe dresses for special occasions. These dresses have beautiful prints that reflect the bride’s cultural background, making them truly unique! Without limits to your options, you can choose the perfect dress that will make heads turn at your event. Get inspired

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wavy braids and ponytail

Straight Up Hairstyles

Straight up hairstyles refer to hairstyles that involve the hair being styled upwards, giving a voluminous look. Some examples of straight up hairstyles include pompadours, quiffs, and mohawks. These hairstyles typically involve a combination of cutting and styling techniques, such as shaving or tapering the sides while leaving the top longer, and using products like

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bohemian tribal braids

Bohemian Tribal Braids

Bohemian tribal braids are a hairstyle that combines elements of bohemian and tribal styles. This type of braid is often achieved by incorporating different braiding techniques, such as fishtail braids, Dutch braids, and French braids, into a single hairstyle. They can also include incorporating small braids, beads, and other decorative elements. The hairstyle has a

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alicia keys tribal braids

Alicia Keys Tribal Braids

Alicia Keys is a singer, songwriter and actress from New York City, United States. She began her career in the early 2000’s and is known for her soulful and powerful voice. Keys has won 15 Grammy Awards, an award for the best selling R&B artist of the 2000’s decade, and numerous other awards. She is

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tribal braids with heart

Tribal Braids with Heart

Tribal braids with hearts is a hairstyle that features tribal braids with the addition of heart-shaped designs. This can be achieved by braiding the hair in a specific pattern to create the heart shape, or by adding hair extensions in the shape of a heart to the braids. The hearts can be placed in various

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jumbo tribal braids

Jumbo Tribal braids

Jumbo tribal braids are a hairstyle that involves braiding large sections of hair in a pattern that resembles traditional tribal braids. This style is often achieved by using extensions to create the larger braid size, and can be styled in a variety of ways such as cornrows, twists, or even as a ponytail. It is

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short tribal braids

Short Tribal Braids

Short tribal braids are a great way to add texture and dimension to your look without committing to long-term locks. Start by creating small and medium-sized cornrows at the front of your scalp, then gradually add larger ones towards the back for an eye-catching style. This style is perfect for anyone with shorter hair or

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ponytail tribal braids

Ponytail Tribal Braids

Are you looking for a chic, protective style to rock this summer? Check out Ponytail Tribal Braids! This style is an updated version of classic tribal braiding techniques and provides texture and volume for your hair. Take your look to the next level by adding a ponytail on top. This will add an extra dimension

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side part tribal braids

Side Part Tribal Braids

Are you looking for a stylish and protective style to put in your hair? Look no further than side part tribal braids! This style is a modern take on traditional African braiding patterns, creating an effortless look that’s perfect for any occasion. Take your look to the next level with side part tribal braids. This

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middle part tribal braids

Middle Part Tribal Braids

Are you ready to kick off the summer season with an eye-catching protective look? Explore middle part tribal braids, which are inspired by a variety of West African braiding patterns and techniques! Get familiarised with our style guide below to choose your favourite tribal braid that would best fit your personality. Middle part tribal braids

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lemonade and burgundy braids

Lemonade Tribal Braids

Lemonade tribal braids are a type of hairstyle popularised by Beyoncé and her album Lemonade. It involves creating multiple small braids at the front of your scalp and then gradually adding larger ones towards the back, resulting in an eye-catching look full of texture and volume. To complete the style, add coloured beads to each

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tribal braids with beads

Tribal Braids with Beads

Tribal braids with beads will up the ante on your look! Adding colourful and decorative beads to the tips can add a bit of whimsy, as well as a touch of bohemian charm. Not only is this an incredibly eye-catching style but it also looks even better when framed by long hair. So if you’re

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long tribal braids

Long Tribal Braids

For those with naturally long hair, long tribal braids are the perfect hairstyle choice. You can also achieve them via knotted or feed-in extensions. To honor traditional tribal looks, consider adding shells to the braid tips for a truly unique finish. Cowry shells were held in high value across African cultures and symbolize womanhood, wealth

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flowing fulani tribal braids

Fulani Tribal Braids

Fulani tribal braids originate from the Fulani people of West Africa. They have become a popular hairstyle and typically incorporate several elements. The iconic aspect of Fulani braids is the central twist or braid located at the top of your head, which can be accessorized with rings and beads for an even more stylish look.

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african tribal braids

Tribal Braids

Tribal braids are a time-honored tradition in West African cultures, originating from the Fulani tribe. They typically feature cornrow braids down the centre of one’s head and are sometimes decorated with beads. This look has been modified over many years to become an ever-evolving art form. From varying braid widths to intricate patterns, African tribal

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ndebele traditional attire with a twist

Ndebele Traditional Attire

The Ndebele are a tribe located in the north of South Africa in the provinces of Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Guateng. For centuries Ndebele traditional attire has been centred around a variety of ornaments such as necklaces, bracelets and rings. Bright, bold colours along with beautiful beadwork can be found on various clothing items such as

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modern swazi traditional dresses

Swati Traditional Attire For Woman

The Swazi or Swati people are a Bantu ethnic group who have their own sovereign kingdom in Southern Africa. One way that different cultures set themselves apart is through their traditional attire, which is also reflective of the culture’s values and beliefs. Swati traditional attire for woman and men is called Emahiy. It is not

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sesotho traditional dresses

Sotho Traditional Attire

Sotho Traditional attire dates back centuries. The wool blanket being the most iconic garment into sotho fashion. A wool blanket was given to King Moshoeshoe I, the founder of Lesotho, in 1860 as a gift. The King cherished the blanket so much that he abandoned his typical leopard-skin kaross for it. At nearly every major life

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venda traditional attire

Traditional Venda Attire

Venda traditional attire is designed to suit different cultural events and occasions, including birthdays, weddings and funerals. South Africa is, without a doubt, one of the African nations with a great cultural legacy. From cuisine to dance to cultural customs and traditions, as well as fashion. Each cultural group has beautiful distinctive traditional clothing that

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tsonga traditional dresses

Tsonga Traditional Attire

Tsonga traditional attire is one of the most unique in the world. It comprises a variety of materials, including beads, shells, animal hides, and feathers. The garments are brightly coloured and often adorned with detailed designs.  In the Tsonga culture, traditional dresses for females are rather distinct. It’s usually a long, brightly-colored gown, typically either yellow or

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modern classy zulu traditional dresses

Zulu Traditional Attire

The most distinctive item of clothing worn in Zulu traditional attire is the isicholo, or circular-shaped hat, which married women wear. The Ischolo were originally made of grass and cotton. To protect the women from the sun, they were as big as a metre across. Zulu ladies wear various costumes to indicate their changing circumstances.

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tswana traditional dresses

Tswana Traditional Attire

Tswana traditional attire is usually made of shweshwe cloth. Young girls wear a skirt called a ‘Makgabe’ which is made of small Tswana beads.  Women wear shweshwe dresses and shirts made out of a fabric called ‘Toishi’ which is usually blue in colour. Explore dresses below👇🏾 During traditional baby showers, mother sikiti wear mogagolwane, a

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shweshwe style

Shweshwe Traditional Dresses

Shweshwe traditional dresses are widely recognised as a sign of tradition and ethnic pride in South Africa, which is why Shweshwe designs are the most popular choice among African designers. If you’ve ever been to a Traditional African wedding or an event that was primarily inspired by African clothing, you know that colour, spectacle, and

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xhosa traditional dresses

Xhosa Traditional Attire

People wear Xhosa traditional attire for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it is a way to express their pride in their culture and heritage. Second, it is seen as an emblem of beauty and femininity. Finally, it is a method to draw attention and exhibit their own distinct style. Explore dresses below👇🏾 In

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pink sepedi wedding dress

Sepedi Traditional Attire

Pedi or Sepedi traditional attire is renowned to be the most vibrant and colourful traditional dresses in South Africa. They comprise mainly of turquoise, bright pinks, yellow and occasionally blue and white. These bright colours are meant to denote joy and happiness. You’ll often find Sepedi traditional attire being worn at gala dinners and other private

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traditional wedding dresses in blue

Traditional Wedding Dresses

Traditional wedding dresses are frequently embellished with intricate patterns and motifs that represent the people’s culture and customs. The wedding dresses in South Africa are some of the most colourful and vibrant in the world. They’re also some of the most complicated, with intricate beadwork and multiple layers of fabric. While there are numerous distinct

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traditional dresses

Traditional Dresses

Traditional dresses in South Africa are gaining in popularity. Both amongst the baby boomer and millennial generation. With a diverse range of tribes with in South Africa its no surprise that there is a broad dichotomy of styles to choose from. Read on to learn more about the different types of African traditional dresses. Explore

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