Jumbo Tribal braids

Jumbo tribal braids are a hairstyle that involves braiding large sections of hair in a pattern that resembles traditional tribal braids.

This style is often achieved by using extensions to create the larger braid size, and can be styled in a variety of ways such as cornrows, twists, or even as a ponytail.

It is a popular hairstyle among African American women, and can be worn for both casual and formal occasions. Below you can find some pictures of different jumbo tribal braids. Let us know in the comments which is your favourite style.

Types of Jumbo Tribal Braids

Below you’ll find an example of jumbo tribal braids stemming from a middle parting. These have been weaved a little more loosely to enable them to look a little fuller.

jumbo tribal braids
Looking Fly AF

These short and thick braids pictured below are spiced up with a few nice thick rings. These braids are also not weaved as tightly as one might normally weave a braids which gives it a more relaxed look.

very thick short braids
Short and Thick

Why not add some colour to your jumbo braids with a bit of yellow lace.

jumbo tribal braids with yellow
With Some Colour

These maroon braids tend to look better on lighter complexions as pictured below. Jumbo braids look particularly when done in a middle parting.

thick maroon braids
Maroon Colour

Another example of jumbo middle parting tribal braids. These braids have also been weaved a little more loosely.

long thick braids
Long and Thick Braids

This lady has gone for a nice little mashup where she has combined different coloured braids with braids that are woven with lace.

multicoloured braids

We call these the “diva jumbo braid’. This diva has created a stylish pattern from her hair edges with thick, tubular braids. This is a really cool looking ensemble.

tubular braids

This girl has gone for a similar style, which shows that it’s evidently rather popular. She has also added in some beads to the tips of her braids. These create a nice colour balance and also draw attention to her mid torso.

jumbo tribal braids
Jumbo Braids with Beads

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