The Most Lit Pondo Hairstyles

Pondo hairstyles are a traditional form of hair styling that originated from the Pondo tribe in South Africa. Equally, they are also known as the Mpondo. They are a Bantu ethnic group who live in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa.

Pondo hairstyles have a long and rich history, with many different styles and variations that have been passed down through generations.

These hairstyles go well in both formal and informal settings. Moreover, they also hold cultural significance and are often used to express social status, age, and even marital status.

styling gel pondo hairstyle
Multi-segment Pondo Hairstyle

For instance, young girls and unmarried women would typically wear their hair in intricate braids with beads and ornaments. While married women would wear their hair in a more subdued style.

Pondo hairstyles are not just limited to women either. Comparatively, men also have their own unique styles. These often feature shaved or short hair on the sides with longer hair on top, which is styled in a variety of ways.

Today, Pondo hairstyles continue to be popular in South Africa and across the continent, even attracting acclaim in the wider world of fashion and beauty.

These styles are celebrated for their beauty, versatility, and cultural significance, making them an important part of the African cultural heritage.

pondo hairstyles in south africa
A Classic South African Style

Different Types of Pondo Hairstyles

Below you’ll find pictures of a wide array of different types of pondo hairstyles. Don’t forget to leave a comment below telling us which is your favourite.

afro pondo hairstyles
Afro Pondo Hairstyles

Below you’ll find a picture of mish-mash of braids, coloured and a pondo-style bun.

coloured elastics in hair
Coloured Elastics in Hair

The lady below has used a lot of styling gel to set her pondo hairstyle in place.

pondo hairstyle with styling gel
Pondo Hairstyle with Styling Gel

In the picture below the lady has opted a series of pondo buns.

buns in a mane
Buns in a Mane

Below you see what pondo pigtails look like. The young lady has also opted for two braids in front to add a bit of style.

pigtails with braids
Pondo Pigtails

This pondo hairstyle below has a wild and free look to it.

pondo hairstyles
A Wilder Look

Nothing beats the classic pondo ponytail pictured below.

ponytail with elastic bands
The Classic Pondo Ponytail

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