How to send a Vodacom Please Call Me

In this era of digital communication, there are times when you may find yourself without sufficient airtime or data to make a call.

That’s where the Vodacom Please Call Me service comes into play. This service enables subscribers to send a free message to another Vodacom user requesting them to call back. Today, we’ll delve into the intricacies of this service, how to use it, and other related services provided by Vodacom.

How to send a Vodacom Please Call Me

The History of Please Call Me on Vodacom

The Please Call Me service was a revolutionary concept introduced by Vodacom in 2001, thanks to the brainchild Nkosana Makate. This service has since provided a lifeline to millions of users across the African continent, allowing them to send free SMS messages to other Vodacom users with a request for a callback.

How to Use the Please Call Me Service on Vodacom

Using the Please Call Me service on Vodacom is a straightforward process. All you need to do is dial *140*Recipient's Number# on your phone. After this, the person whose number you input will receive a Please Call Me message free of charge.

Tip: Each subscriber is entitled to ten free Please Call Me messages every day. If you wish, you can block or customise these services.

How to Check Your Airtime Balance on Vodacom

To check your airtime balance on Vodacom, all you need to do is dial *100# and press the call button. You’ll receive a message showing your balance within seconds.

Inquiring About Your Data Balance

Data balance inquiries are as simple as dialling *135#. After doing this, you’ll receive a message with your data balance. The same USSD code can be dialled to access a comprehensive menu of services offered by Vodacom.

Purchasing Data Bundles

Running low on data bundles? Don’t fret. Dial *135# on your mobile phone. A list of available options will appear on your screen. From here, select the bundle that suits your budget and follow the prompts to complete the purchase.

Transferring Airtime

To share or transfer airtime from one Vodacom line to another, dial *135# and follow the prompts. It’s as simple as that!

Accessing Your Voicemails

If you missed a call and the caller left a voicemail, you can listen to the message by dialling 132 from your mobile phone.

Contacting Vodacom’s Customer Care

Should you need additional assistance, Vodacom’s customer care is just a call away. Here are some of the contacts you can use:

  • RSA landlines or cell phones: 082 135
  • Vodacom customer service number from abroad: +27 82 135
  • Vodacom repair call centre: 082 1944
  • Data support: 082 135
  • Cancellations: 082 1958
  • Corporate calls: 082 1930
  • Sales and upgrades: 082 17844
  • Vodacom business: 082 1960
  • Email address: [email protected]

Understanding Vodacom’s USSD Services

Vodacom’s USSD services are quite versatile. They allow you to check your airtime balance, purchase data bundles, check your data balance, send a Please Call Me message, and get airtime advance. To access all USSD services, dial *135#.

Costs Associated with USSD

While Vodacom’s USSD services are free, some USSD content and services may attract a cost as charged by the content provider.

Accessing Detailed Data Usage

If you would like to see your detailed data usage, you can subscribe to the Vodacom data usage register. Alternatively, you can log in to the My Vodacom App. You can also request to receive your data usage via SMS by dialling *135#.

How to Check Your Data Usage via SMS

To check your data usage, dial *135#, select the Services option, and then the Data Usage option.

Checking Your Balance on Vodacom

To check your balance on Vodacom, simply dial *136#. Alternatively, you can dial *135# for a more detailed balance.

Knowing how to use the Please Call Me function on Vodacom can be a lifesaver in times when you’re out of airtime but need to communicate urgently. Remember, you can send up to ten Please Call Me messages per day.

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