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About Us

Our Mission

At The Grace we aim to amplify the narrative around African culture, fashion and arts, with a focus on Southern Africa. Africa as a continent is often synonymous with droughts, civil wars, poverty and corruption.

As a result, stories around these natural and social issues often prevail, with scant regard paid to the more positive stories coming out of the continent.

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Through media-rich content, The Grace aims to inform, educate and inspire its audience of both Africans and those from outside of the continent. From the Nguni tribes of Southern Africa, to traditional dress, customs, food and even real time loadshedding schedules for South Africa.

We have it all. We hope you get as much enjoyment from consuming our content as we do from creating it!

Who is The Grace

Grace Mashaba was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. She developed an affinity for Southern African art, fashion and culture by spending time on the streets of SOWETO and Hillbrow in her youth.

By the time she was in her early 20’s she was running her own fashion label and blogging on the side.

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Eventually her love for writing and creating engaging content took priority and in 2022 she sold the fashion brand and began working full time on The Grace website.

Today, she is proud to have grown the The Grace into one of South Africa’s leading fashion and culture websites.

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