Makoti Shweshwe Dresses

As a symbol of their style and flair, South African brides often don makoti Shweshwe dresses for special occasions. These dresses have beautiful prints that reflect the bride’s cultural background, making them truly unique!

Without limits to your options, you can choose the perfect dress that will make heads turn at your event. Get inspired and explore these design choices for a stunning look! Explore dresses below👇🏾

South African brides have the distinct advantage of being able to break free from traditional makoti attire and embrace more creative, sophisticated styles.

Constantly experimenting with accessories to develop beautiful looks that blend modern and traditional fashion, these designs are a must-have for your makoti ceremony or any other special celebration. Make sure you check out these amazing options!

amazing makoti shweshwe dresses
In Classic Blue

Shweshwe Dresses for Makoti

From subtle to bold, Shweshwe print has a vivid range of colors perfect for expressing your individual style.

Whether it’s through transforming different fabrics into a gorgeous makoti dress or tweaking the designs slightly to fit your mood and personality, you can transform this classic pattern into something uniquely yours.

Below you’ll find a wide array of different makoti shwshwe dresses. This includes the most common shweshwe colours which are blue, red and brown.

shweshwe dresses for makoti
Mid Length

Below you’ll find a beautiful blue and white outfit with matching headgear.

blue and white shweshwe makoti dresses
In Blue White

The lady in the picture below is wearing a long, flare dress with Shweshwe print and royal blue netting.

long makoti dress
Long Makoti Dress

This lovely bright dress is completed with the red feathers on the chest and head.

red shweshwe makoti dress
Lady in Red Makoti Dress

Look at this elegant dress, drawing admiration form those in attendance.

makoti shweshwe dresses
Elegant Shweshwe Makoti Attire

Canary yellow completes this dress which otherwise would be rather dull.

makoti brown and white dress
With Yellow Trim

These lovely large flared arms on this dress help denote a certain decadence fitting for an event of this calibre.

large pattern shweshwe dress
Flared Arms

Below you’ll find an old skool makoti dress with a traditional Shweshwe print along with a matching hat.

makoti shweshwe dresses in blue
Ethnic Print

In Summary

South African makoti attire is a treasure trove of the nation’s customs and heritage. Every tribe has clothing, adornments, materials and designs that are iconic to the ceremony.

In this age of innovation, designers are taking traditional clothing and blending it with modern designs to create masterpieces. With that being said, here is a list of different eye-catching creations you can consider donning on your next special occasion.

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