Middle Part Tribal Braids

Are you ready to kick off the summer season with an eye-catching protective look? Explore middle part tribal braids, which are inspired by a variety of West African braiding patterns and techniques!

Get familiarised with our style guide below to choose your favourite tribal braid that would best fit your personality. Middle part tribal braids have been the mainstay of braids for centuries. They tend to suit people with rounder, fully faces.

However, if you have a thinner, more chiselled face, then it may be a good idea to go for a thinner braid on a middle parting.

Below you can find some pictures of different middle part tribal braids. Let us know in the comments which is your favourite style.

Types of Middle Part Tribal Braids

Below you’ll find an example of thick braids done in a middle parting. This style suits people with rounder faces.

middle part tribal braids
Middle Part with Thick Braids

A very stylish centre piece that sits between the two partings. Alicia Keys helped make this look famous back in the 90’s and these days it’s flourishing as a look. Next time you’re on TikTok, pay attention to how many women rock this style of braid.

middle part with centre piece
Middle Part with Centre Piece

Just your bog standard middle parting with long braids.

standard middle parting
Standard Middle Parting

A very unique looking middle parting where each braid tapers off on the scalp. Always be careful when getting braids tightly woven for the frist time as they can be very painful and give one a headache.

funky middle part braids
Funky Middle Part Braids

White braids on a middle parting at 1 centimetre intervals.

white middle parting
White Middle Parting

Why not spice in things and put a little ring in your centre piece braid.

ring in hair
A Ring in the Middle section

Perfectly symmetrical tribal braids that have been woven very close together.

symmetrical tribal braid
Symmetrical Tribal Braid

This lady is looking super sassy with her middle part tribal braids. She’s chosen a very thick braid in a light brown colour.

looking sassy
Looking Sassy

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