Traditional Tops

Southern African traditional tops are a reflection of the diverse cultures and rich histories of the region. Traditional attire plays an important role in Southern African societies, with many people still proudly wearing their cultural clothing on a daily basis. The tops worn in Southern Africa vary in style, fabric, and design, each with its own unique cultural significance.

These traditional tops are often made from colorful fabrics and feature intricate designs that are passed down through generations. People wear them for special occasions such as weddings, funerals, and traditional ceremonies. Moreover, they hold a deep cultural and spiritual significance for many people in the region.

The tops also serve as a way for people to express their identity and cultural heritage, and they are an important part of the region’s vibrant and diverse cultural landscape. Keep reading to learn more and see pictures of different tops.

traditional tops
Traditional Tops

Types of Traditional Tops

Below you’ll find a wide array of different types of traditional tops.

Modern Tops

Modern tops transcend culture and ethnicity. Today you can find a modern range of traditional tops which borrow designs and patterns from all the Southern African tribes in existence today. Below you’ll find cool pictures of both long and shorts top in a variety of different colours.

modern orange top
Modern Orange Top
modern striped top
Striped Top
red traditional tops
Ankara Top
flared top
Flared Top
colourful traditional top
Colourful Top
smart traditional top
Patterned Top

Swazi Emahiya

Swazi women wear the emahiya. It is made of brightly coloured fabric and features a square neckline and cap sleeves. The top is often worn with a wrap skirt and a beaded necklace.

swazi emahiya
Red Emahiya
colourful traditional top
Beautiful Emahiya

Sotho Blanket

The Sotho people of Lesotho wear the Basotho blanket. It is made of wool and features bold, geometric designs in bright colours. They wear it is as a cloak, draped over the shoulders and fastened with a pin.

thick basootho blacket
Sotho Blanket

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