Short Ankara Dresses

Ankara dresses are garments made from a type of African wax print fabric called Ankara. Ankara fabric is a colourful and patterned cotton fabric that is traditionally associated with West African culture.

The fabric is often used to create garments such as dresses, skirts, tops, and headwraps, among others.

Short Ankara dresses can come in a variety of styles and designs, ranging from simple and traditional to more modern and complex. Some popular styles include maxi dresses, sheath dresses, peplum dresses, and off-the-shoulder dresses, among others.

These dresses are often worn for special occasions such as weddings, parties, and cultural events, but can also be worn as everyday attire.

Evening Dress
Evening Dress

Stylish Ankara Short Dresses

From delicate to daring, vibrant Ankara dresses come in an extensive array of colors that are ideal for expressing your personal fashion.

By altering fabrics or tweaking the designs slightly according to your temperament and character, you can make this classic pattern entirely yours.

Below you’ll find a wide array of stylish Ankara short dresses. Let us know in the comments which is your favourite.

short ankara dresses
Pretty in Pink

These dresses look great on voluptuous bodies like the one below.

cool short ankara dresses
Figure Hugging

Short Ankara dresses also come in to larger sizes to suit a fuller figured woman.

white and green summer dress
Summer Lovin’

Wear them in more formal settings with the right colours and accessories as seen below.

short ankara dress in red
Lady in Red

Using modern designs and colours, such as the asymmetrical shoulder strap seen below, these dresses can really good on young women too!

blue ankara dress
Shweshwe Style

One can also wear them as a looser fitting dress for those hot summer days as pictured below.

purple and green summer dress
Purple and Green

Why not tailor your dress to suit your precise body type as pictured below.

two tone short dress
The Tailored Look

Why push the envelope with the super funky design – black satin with turquoise and mauve tiles.

tiled short dress
Tiled Short Dress

Of course you can also just keep it traditional with the classic Ankara look as seen below.

short ankara dresses with bright colours
Traditional Elegance

Dres it up with sophisticated colours and a glitzy handbag.

stylish ankara short dresses
Short Ankara Dresses

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