Long Tribal Braids

For those with naturally long hair, long tribal braids are the perfect hairstyle choice. You can also achieve them via knotted or feed-in extensions.

To honor traditional tribal looks, consider adding shells to the braid tips for a truly unique finish.

Cowry shells were held in high value across African cultures and symbolize womanhood, wealth and protection! Below you’ll find a selection of different styles of long tribal braids. Leave a comment below to let us know your favourite style.

Types of Long Tribal Braids

Below you’ll find your traditional long braids with an asymmetrical parting.

stylish long tribal braids
Tradtional Long Braids

Transform your tribal braids into something extraordinary with this layered look. For an extra stylish touch, start each braid off with a different weave and then finish them off by adding some jewellery or colourful weave to truly stand out from the crowd.

With these Egyptian long tribal braids in, you’ll be sure to make heads turn!

long tribal braids
Egyptian Long Tribal Braids

Using a combination of long braids with hair extensions is another look gaining in popularity at the moment.

tightly woven
Tightly Woven Braids

If you’re wanting to both lengthen and stylise your hair, then long braids are an ideal choice. The twist pattern at the top provides a delightful funkiness that’s perfect for those seeking something distinctive in their braid style.

Finishing it off with just a bit of yellow coloor at the edges adds fun flair to complete this fashionable look!

yellow weave in hair
Long Braids with Yellow
long tribal braids on side
Long Tribal Braids on Side

A top knot braid combined with the traditional long hanging braid can also look great, especially for formal events like weddings and birthdays.

knotted braid
Knotted Braid
regular hair at the back
Braids up Front

The asymmetrical long braiding pattern is a popular with the younger ladies. Running a horizontal braid perpendicular to the long braid is also very fashionable at the moment.

braids with beads
Braids with Beads

A middle parting on a long hair braid also works well, particularly on women with rounder faces.

Thicker braids tend to work better on middle partings, but speak to your stylist to get their opinion on what will work best for you.

middle part tribal braids
Long Braids with Middle Parting
light brown long tribal braids
Light Brown Long Tribal Braids

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