Drip Shoes

Drip shoes are not your average sneakers. They are a brand that strives to collaborate with their customers in order to shape the future together.

Quality and design are fundamental components to Drip Footwear, which allows them to manufacture shoes of marvelous quality that you can acquire at a reasonable price.

They are committed to being reliable, quick-thinking, creative and enthusiastic. Their mission is to motivate customers to pursue their dreams no matter who they are or where they come from.

drip in orange
Drip Shoes

Types of Drip Shoes

Below you’ll find a range of their different types of sneakers.

drip shoes in black
Drip Shoes in Black
white shoes
Classic White
red drip shoes
Ferrari Red
in salmon
Dripping in Salmon
lime drip footwear
Time for Lime
maroon drip
Salmon, White and Tan
dual tone drip shoes
Dual Tone
purple drip shoes
Pastel Purple

Below you’ll find a range of Mellowz which are Drip’s version of Crocs.

black mellowz
Black Mellowz
white drip mellowz
bubblegum mellowz
green mellowz
Green Mellowz

The Backstory

Since 2003, Drip Footwear has been on a mission to make the most out of limited resources. Founder Lekau Sehoana’s drive and passion for innovation have inspired creativity within this company ever since its inception.

While growing up in Ivory Park, Lekau Sehoana was without shoes. But then, a eureka moment struck when he stumbled upon an old and tattered sneaker – he reinvented it using Denim and Polyurethane to create something entirely new!

His local sneaker became a hit, and consequently he entered the shoe making business to turn his pain into profit. For five years during high school, Drip was created bringing with it new hope and opportunity. Now this story is well-known throughout the world.

Their footwear brand draws inspiration from the ever-evolving language of street culture. Derived from ‘drip’, which can be interpreted as drops of liquid or a fashionable and stylish look, Ukotini reflects the idea that fashion should never stand still. Their name and branding embody this ethos, representing modern usage and urban style trends alike.

Against the backdrop of modern street culture, Drip has successfully established its presence. Their daring designs, wide array of products and collaborative atmosphere is what distinguishes them from other brands.

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