Fulani Tribal Braids

Fulani tribal braids originate from the Fulani people of West Africa. They have become a popular hairstyle and typically incorporate several elements.

The iconic aspect of Fulani braids is the central twist or braid located at the top of your head, which can be accessorized with rings and beads for an even more stylish look.

On either side are thin to medium-sized braids that can remain loose or be tied up into a bun. It’s no surprise why this diverse and vibrant style has grown increasingly popular throughout recent years!

Below you can find some pictures of different African Fulani tribal braids. Let us know in the comments which is your favourite style.

Types of Fulani Tribal Braids

The hybrid between braids and extensions can work really nicely on some people.

flowing fulani tribal braids
Flowing Fulani Tribal Braids

A criss-cross pattern can look really nice particular when used on thinner braids.

criss cross style
Criss Cross

Doubled layered braids can look beautiful especially when worn by larger, more voluptuous women.

layered fulani tribal braids
Layered Braids

Make your tribal braids utterly unique by adding a pop of color! Ombre hues such as blue and purple will attract attention, exude individuality, and show off your inner radiance.

For maximum safety when incorporating dyed extensions into the braid look, go for protective styles that won’t damage or bleach your natural hair. Go wild with style – you have nothing to lose but the boundaries of traditional beauty norms!

colourful tribal braids
Colourful Braids
fulani tribal braids
Patterned Braids
braids with beads
With beads

With feed-in braids, extensions are added to your natural hair without tying knots. This puts less strain on the scalp and makes for an even more protective hairstyle.

If you have short or thin strands, these extensions will provide a thick tribal braid look that is sure to make heads turn! Feed-ins are not only great for length but they also bring fabulous fullness and body.

jumbo tribal braids
Feed-In Braids
assymetrical fulani tribal braids
Assymetrical Braids

Looped braids are rather unique, but when styled in the right way for the right occasion they can look incredible.

looped fulani tribal braids
Looped Fulani Tribal Braids
box braids
Box Braids

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