Phiri Clan Names

Phiri clan names derive from the Chewa people of Malawi. These clan names have been in existence for centuries and help preserve Chewaculture and heritage.

Phiri clan names are not simply surnames but rather a naming system which honours the Chewa ancestors, and which runs across multiple families

phiri clan names
Footballer Lebohang Phiri

Izithakazelo Zakwa Phiri

Phiri Jele,




Kalonga(the great ancestor) Chilomba,



Ntabamatanje wamphuno Zikomo,



Maseko Matshemlaza, 



3 thoughts on “Phiri Clan Names”

  1. the grace headshot

    i want to learn more about the Phiri clan and get to my roots .my children ask me questions which i don’t have answers. My grandfather is from Malawi and got married to my grandmother from a Swati clan using or calling himself memba , and my father took my grandmother’s surname and married to my mother from Batswana clan, and carry on with her mother’s surname name which posed question’s from my children , cos i continue with the error of not knowing where i belong by using my mother’s surname , really don’t know where do i belong.

    1. the grace headshot

      Same with myself, my father used His fathers Name as a surname when he come to South Africa from Malawi and now I also use that name as surname

  2. the grace headshot

    Because ur grandfather married ur grandmother
    Your father was supposed to take his father’s surname .
    If your parents are married then u also need to take ur father’s surname, if they are not married and are no longer together u must continue using ur mother’s surname until your father pays damages and asks your mother’s family permission to also have u as a child nd use their surname.

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