Ndlovu Clan Names

Ndlovu clan names derive from the Zulu people of South Africa. These clan names have been in existence for centuries and help preserve Zulu culture and heritage.

Ndlovu clan names are not simply surnames but rather a naming system which honours the Zulu ancestors, and which runs across multiple families.

The clan name ‘Ndlovu’ is a Zulu clan name meaning ‘elephant,’ which has Afrikaans origins. It seems that many South Africans have taken on the Afrikaans version of the name.

There exist more than one Ndlovu clan, as was common for ancient Zulu tribes that were named after their founders. Consequently, this surname carries the meaning: “of Elephant’s tribe.”

ndlovu clan names
The Famous Ndlovu Youth Choir

Izithakazelo zakwa Ndlovu


Boya benyathi, obusonga busombuluka,

Mpongo kaZingelwayo,

Nina bakwaNdlovuzidl’ekhaya, ngokweswel’abelusi,

Zaze zeluswa intombi uDemazane,

Nina bakwaKhumbul’amagwala,

Nina bakwaDemazane Ntombazana,

Nina bakwaS’hlangu sihle,


Ngokuthiy’amadoda emazibukweni,

Nina bakwaMdubusi!

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