How to do an MTN Sim Swap

This article presents a complete manual on performing a SIM swap for MTN users in South Africa. Whether your SIM card is lost, stolen, damaged, or you just want to switch to a new one, we detail the step-by-step procedure for both situations.

We also cover common inquiries and offer suggestions to ensure a hassle-free SIM swap process.

mtn sim swap

What is an MTN SIM swap?

A SIM swap, which is also referred to as a SIM card replacement, involves replacing your current SIM card with a different one. This may be required for several reasons, such as misplacement, theft, damage to the current SIM card, or desiring an upgrade to a newer version.

Performing a sim swap on MTN in South Africa enables you to retain your mobile number while utilising a completely different physical chip.

The main goal of this procedure is to guarantee a smooth transfer of all services linked to your previous sim onto the new one.

The process of sim swapping on MTN network provider in South Africa requires having access and authority over both the old and newly obtained sim cards.

The specific steps involved may differ depending on whether the previous sim card was lost, stolen, damaged, or if an upgraded version is desired.

What is the purpose of a SIM swap?

There could be a need for a SIM swap due to various circumstances. Below are some typical scenarios that may require you to perform a SIM swap on MTN:

1. SIM Card Lost or Stolen

In the event that your MTN SIM card has been misplaced or taken, it is vital to conduct a sim swap without delay. This process involves replacing the old sim with a new one, which will prevent unauthorised parties from obtaining your personal data and utilising your mobile services.

2. Faulty Sim Card

If your current MTN sim card is damaged due to mishandling or other causes, you can do a sim swap to keep using your mobile services without interruption. This will also prevent you from losing essential contacts and data saved on the previous card.

3. Enhancing Your Mobile Device

When transitioning from an outdated phone model that utilizes regular-sized sim cards (mini-SIM) to more modern devices that require micro-sims or nano-sims, such as smartphones and tablets, a straightforward solution is to replace the old mini-SIM with a compatible micro-SD adapter card, like a dual-cut or multi-fit one found in stores.

This allows for a smooth usage experience across various device types while preserving all saved contacts and messages, as long as the process is executed correctly.

4. Changing Ownership/Account Type Conversion

At times, there may arise situations where there is a need to transfer ownership between family members or friends who already have existing accounts in their names. This could also occur during divorce or separation proceedings.

In such cases, opting for a different type of account holder status through the submission of proper documentation at the nearest service centre facilitates a smooth transition process, ensuring effective communication for both parties involved.

5. Network Switching

Finally, the process of switching networks often involves obtaining a completely new number, which includes getting a new subscriber identity module (SIM).

This is typically necessary when permanently relocating abroad or settling down in a different region or country outside of South Africa, and requires changing to a new local network provider for coverage. In order to ensure a smooth transition, it is essential to follow the guidelines provided by the respective network provider.

Please keep in mind that conducting a SIM swap is a crucial measure to guarantee the safety and uninterrupted functioning of your mobile services. This process enables you to retain your contacts, messages, and other information when utilising a new or substituted SIM card.

swapping an mtn sim

How to do a SIM Swap on MTN

If your SIM card is lost, stolen, or damaged

  1. Obtain a newly registered MTN SIM card and await its activation through RICA.
  2. Begin utilizing the new SIM by dialing *136#.
  3. Dial *135# and then choose option 5 which is for performing a SIM swap.
  4. Make sure to verify that the previous SIM card has been properly inserted into the device.
  5. Select the choice of performing the SIM swap by completing a questionnaire.
  6. Provide accurate responses to the security questions.
  7. Get notified through SMS or messages for confirmation.

In case you are looking to switch to a different SIM card:

  1. Make sure that both the old and new SIM cards are inserted into functioning phones.
  2. Use your current SIM number to send a message containing the phrase “SIM swap” to 44770.
  3. Obtain a unique password (OTP) only once.
  4. Use your new MTN SIM card to send the message “swap” along with your previous number in the format *OTP# to the number 44770.
  5. Allow for the old SIM to deactivate and the new one to become activated.


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