Moloi Clan Names

Moloi clan names derive from the Tswana people of South Africa. These clan names have been in existence for centuries and help preserve Tswana culture and heritage.

Moloi clan names are not simply surnames but rather a naming system which honours the Tswana ancestors, and which runs across multiple families.

moloi clan names
Entrepreneur Lerato Moloi

Moloi Clan Praises

Ke motlotlo tota ka hoba

ngwanana wa mosotho ke moradi wa MOLOI

Ke moloi maphale

wa serwana semkginah sekginela

matlapa abodiba bo kenukenu

osike wabo hokamela ao

ka bohokamela otla hlaha kadi

tsejana wena waha maphale,

waha phaolahle ke mvemve nthwe!!

Lekgolokoe !

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    Yes I would and would also like to know right up until My Great Grandfather Samuel Majap Moloi if possible

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