Dlamini Clan Names

The House of Dlamini is the royal house of the Kingdom of Eswatini. Mswati III, as king and Ngwenyama of Eswatini, is the current head of the house. Swazi kings up to present day are referred to as Ingwenyama and they rule together with their Queen Mother who is called Indlovukati.

The Swazi kings often have multiple wives and children, as polygamy is practiced by other Nguni people groups.

The Dlamini dynasty can be traced back to a man known as Dlamini I, who was also called Matalatala. He is said to have migrated with the Swazi people from countries such as East Africa, Tanzania, and Mozambique long ago. Matalatala is the source of all known Dlamini clan names.

Although there are records of earlier rulers, most people agree that the first true king of what is now called Eswatini was Ngwane III. He ruled over the land from 1745 until 1780.

dlamini clan names
King Mswati III

The Dlamini dynasty began many years ago, and at that time, the people and country they lived in were named Ngwane after Ngwane III.

The Dlamini’s seat of power changed to Ezulwini valley during Sobhuza I’s rule in the early 1800s. In present day Shiselweni, fighting between the Ngwane and Ndwandwe resulted in arms being used.

In order to avoid this issue, Sobhuza relocated his primary residence to Zombodze. In the process, he took complete control over many of the earlier populations living in the country.

Sobhuza was able to avoid any conflict later on with the strong and powerful Zulu kingdom that now ruled over the area south of the Pongola River. The Dlamini dynasty grew stronger during this time, ruling over a large country that eventually encompassed present day Eswatini. Dlamini clan names to this day exist in both Eswatini and South Africa.

Izithakazelo zakwa Dlamini

Nkosi! Hlubi!

Ludonga lukaMavuso, Abay’e Mbo babuyelela.

Abasidwaba weza nonina.

Abengomane yaseMavaneni,

Abaqed’uBombo ngokuhlehlezela,

AbakwaSibhahuza SikaMabhanda eMpondweni.

Inkonekaz’evele ngobusw’emgedeni.

USamkethe, esinembay’emaLangeni, UMswazi kaSobhuza.


Nina bakwa Kusa nelanga Nina bakwa Wawawa.

Lokothwayo! Sibalukhulu!

Nina beNgwane,

Nina besicoco sangenhlana.



Mdlovu, Magaduzela,

Magaga kaNsele,

Wena owashisa umuntu ngesikhuni esibunjini kwaze kwasa eyobayoba,

Mgoqo ovimb’esangweni nansi impi,

Izwe lafa ngathini na?

Wena owabonela empunzini ukuthi kuyabalekwa ngoba yona yabaleka yaziphonsa ocingweni,


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