Where to Withdraw Capitec Cash Send

Capitec Bank has revolutionised banking in South Africa by introducing a simplified, efficient, and user-friendly service known as Capitec Cash Send.

This innovative service allows customers to send and receive money without the necessity of having a bank account. Also, find out how to reverse money using the Capitec App.

Whether the transaction is initiated via the Capitec app, online banking, or USSD service, the recipient has multiple options to withdraw their funds. This article explores six convenient places where you can withdraw your Capitec Cash Send money.

Where to withdraw capitec cash send

1. Pick n Pay

Pick n Pay, a leading retail outlet in South Africa, is one of the many locations where Capitec Cash Send withdrawals can be made.

With a network of over 1,600 stores nationwide, Pick n Pay offers easy accessibility and flexible operating hours, making it a suitable choice for customers to access their funds at any time.

2. Boxer

Capitec has also partnered with Boxer, a popular supermarket chain in South Africa. Known for its competitive pricing and variety of products, Boxer offers convenient Capitec Cash Send services across its numerous stores nationwide. This allows customers to combine their cash withdrawal with grocery shopping or other errands.

3. Checkers

Checkers, with its network of over 200 stores across South Africa, offers Capitec Cash Send withdrawal services at most of its Money Market counters. The extended operating hours allow customers to access their money at a time that suits their schedule.

4. Usave

Usave, another retail store with a wide presence in South Africa, provides Capitec Cash Send withdrawal services. Known for its efficient and reliable service, Usave ensures that your cash withdrawal process is quick, secure, and convenient.

5. Shoprite

Shoprite, a leading retail chain, offers Capitec Cash Send withdrawal services across its various branches nationwide. The store’s focus on customer satisfaction ensures a seamless experience when accessing your Capitec Cash Send funds.

6. Capitec ATM

Capitec Bank’s extensive network of ATMs provides a convenient cash withdrawal option. Located at various strategic points like shopping malls, petrol stations, and town centres, these ATMs ensure you can easily access your cash without having to deviate from your usual routes. Moreover, with 24/7 availability, you can access your funds anytime you need.

Note: When visiting any of these partner stores, let the teller know that you have a cash transfer from a Capitec client. You’ll be asked for the reference number sent to you via SMS and possibly the 4-digit secret code. Once validated, the cash will be paid out instantly.


In Summary

In conclusion, Capitec Cash Send is a practical and convenient way to send and receive cash in South Africa. Whether you choose to withdraw at Pick n Pay, Boxer, Checkers, Usave, Shoprite, or a Capitec ATM, you are assured of a smooth and hassle-free withdrawal process.

Remember, you don’t need a bank account to enjoy the benefits of this service. So, go ahead and explore the convenience that comes with Capitec Cash Send.

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