Batlokwa Clan Names

Batlokwa clan names derive from the Tswana people of South Africa. These clan names have been in existence for centuries and help preserve Tswana culture and heritage.

Batlokwa clan names are not simply surnames but rather a naming system which honours the Tswana ancestors, and which runs across multiple families.

The term Batlôkwa refers to several Indigenous communities who reside in Botswana, Lesotho and South Africa.

Many of the Batlokwa clans can trace their royal lineages back to Kgwadi, who was the son of King Tabane and founder of the Batlokwa nation.

The Tlôkwa tribe’s original totem animal was the Tlokwe-cat, but it eventually went extinct from overhunting by members of the clan who valued its fur.

batlokwa clan names
The late Hugh Masekela Part of the Batlokwa

Leboko la Batlokwa

Ke mafifitswana a go rekwa ka kgomo

Mafeta kgomo a je motho

Ba ga Mmanakana-a-Mosima

Ba ga Mmanakana-di-ganong

Ba ga mosi mmolaya moapei

Moapeelwana a sale a lela

Ba ga Nkwenyana-a-Nkwe o apereng?

Nkwe ke apere tau

Batlokwa Culture

The Batlokwa have many customs and traditions in common with other Sotho-Tswana clans. They normally speak one of three languages depending on the area they live in: Setswana, Sesotho or Northern Sotho, but most often speak Setswana.

The Batlokwa are largely adapting to an urban population and culture, as most Africans are. However, in rural areas traditional culture continues to play a big role in everyday life.

Although customary law is still very important, there is also a unique culture of marrying paternal cousins. In the urban areas of each region, which are cosmopolitan and full of diverse cultures, western cultural norms typically prevail.

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    Nna ke Thetha wa ho thetha banna ba lebararo ba Dikonyeleng, Motlokwa wa Diqhanasa tsa Mantjekwane bitleng la Maphale ho lla podi ho lla sethotsela. I just wonder if I share any of my clan praise songs with folks in Botlokwa, Botswana, Qwaqwa and L:esotho.

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