Mpesu: All you Need to Know

Mpesu is a substance made from the bark of the mpesu tree. This tree ostensibly only grows in the Kruger Park, and its whereabouts are a closely guarded secret.

It also goes by the names, Congo Dust, Krinkhout, Satene or Mmaba has been nicknamed the African violet for its immense power. Rumour has it that this plant is ten times stronger than Western male performance enhancers!

mpesu herbal booster
In Capsule Form

Why is it so Popular?

Men from Jozi who use it are praised for their unparalleled endurance and confidence. Women refer to them as Mpesu Venda men, often becoming utterly smitten with this particular breed of man.

Proprietors of this sexual supplement claim that it rejuvenates your body and invigorates your spirit. This 100% natural herbal supplement gives men the edge to unleash their passion in its purest form, providing near-endless strength and stamina for a more pleasurable sexual experience.

However, there are concerns about its societal impacts in South Africa. The Minister of Justice and Correctional Services, Ronald Lamola, has said that the high consumption rate of Mpesu can indirectly increase the high rate of domestic violence and rape cases in this country.

Types of Mpesu

Broadly speaking there are 3 different types of Mpesu. Learn about them below.

Mpesu 1

Nestled in the dry, arid expanse of Nzhelele Valley lies a remarkable discovery – roots of light brown hue with subtle streaks of black and white. Its one-of-a-kind habitat contributes to its extraordinary look and characteristics.

Mpesu Muvanya
Mpesu Muvanya

Mpesu 2

Nestled in the stunning and ethereal Holy Forest, where a rich brown soil colour illuminates through vibrantly green rainforest foliage, lies an exclusive sanctuary inaccessible to many. This sacred corner of the world holds a rare treasure. Tshibuku Mpesu – that is longed for by those who are lucky enough to catch a glimpse.


Mpesu 3

Adorned with the title “The Dust of the Gods,” Buselavhadzimu is a coveted Mpesu found only in Venda land. Its rarity lies within its seasonal nature, as it can only be acquired during the rainy season from the Nzhelele valley.

This precious phenomenon creates an unparalleled texture and potency unlike any other type of Mpesu, making it highly sought-after. The desert’s rare rains truly bring forth this treasure!

mpesu 3
Mpesu 3

Capsule Form

Due to its astounding popularity, Mpesu now also comes in a capsule form. This makes taking the sexual performance supplement a lot more convenient.

How Much is Mpesu at Clicks?

Clicks do not sell Mpesu, but you can buy it at Takealot. It sells for around R115 for a bottle of 10 capsules. Takealot also sell Mpesu Vodka. Mixing Mpesu with vodka helps dissolve the active ingredient, thus delivering it into the bloodstream faster. With Mpesu Vodka you can expect to results after just 2 hours.

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